Is your current car on finance?

Challenge the Motordepot Renewals Team To get you into a Newer Car For Less than you pay now!

Did you know that you don’t have to keep your car for the full duration of your HP or PCP finance agreement?

At Motordepot it is possible to change car before the end of your agreement, no matter which company you bought your car from, so you could be driving a newer car sooner than you think and for less per month than you are currently paying!

Our renewals team can guide you through the process of changing your car early and will take care of everything for you, confirming the settlement figure on your current vehicle and talk you through what cars are available to you within your chosen budget.

Fill in the form below, and we’re confident that with our industry leading Smartdrive finance plans you could be driving a newer car for the same, or even lower, monthly payments than you are making now.

What happens next?

  • The renewals team at Motordepot will contact the finance company with whom you have your current finance agreement and obtain an early settlement figure for your current car finance on your behalf.

  • They will then arrange a valuation of your current car, providing the mileage you have provided is accurate and under the assumption that the car is in reasonable condition.

  • A member of the renewals team will contact you with the details, inform you what monthly payments you should expect to make and help you choose one of the great cars we have available within your budget via Smartdrive finance, our low deposit, low monthly payment plan.